Closing the flight plan

It wasn’t exactly crash and burn. It was a longer agony. A growing awareness. Like the gradual brightening of the grey mist before the lights of the airport blaze forth from the fog and haze on a low minimums instrument approach. Yes, it was slow in coming, but I finally faced up to the fact that my career was a wreck.

Just as glass panels replaced steam gauges, and GPS replaced the VOR, writing for a living is obsolete. We live in a time when the internet is awash with words—more words than at any point in history—so they have become a commodity, worth little. For decades I’ve been able to support my family with my pen, but that’s no longer true and, at an age most men contemplate retirement, I find that I have to start all over. Find a new career.


Since August of 2014, I’ve posted a new tale here every Friday; but with new things to learn and new schedules to master, time will be at a premium. I’ll have less time to fly—if the frickin’ airplane ever gets fixed—and even less time to write about it. So is this the end? Am I closing the flight plan on Plane Tales for good?

Nah. I’d miss it too much. For me, the need to write is an addiction I’ll never be able to completely kick. Still, I’m going to need to scale back here at Plane Tales. Rather than continue to post weekly, I’ll post when I have a good story to share, some adventure to amuse with, some triumph to brag on, or something I think you’d want to know about.

But before I run the checklist, and drop the landing gear on this new chapter of Plane Tales, I just wanted to thank all of you for your support all these years. To paraphrase what I heard on an airliner recently: We know you have a choice of blogs. Thank you for flying with Plane Tales!