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Date Line… June 22, 2017

A maintenance nightmare makes for a scary flight and a missed race. Pick up a copy at your local airport, log on, or view the digital version of the magazine here.

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Date Line… June 8, 2017

Sometimes the best part of the race happens after the checkered flag. Read all about online, in print, or in the digital edition.

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Date Line… May 15, 2017

A new flavor of Sportsmanship is the theme of this edition of Air Racing from the Cockpit. Easy online here, digital here, or at an airport near you…

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Date Line… May 11, 2017

Check out this awesome layout of my latest air racing article! I love the way the wing of Race 53 goes beyond the edge of the photo and right into the text! Speaking of text you can read the digital version here or the online version of the article here. The photos vary, so you might want to check both out!

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Date Line… April 22, 2017

My first ever air race triathlon! Check it out in the April 27 edition, or read about it online right here. Note: There are bonus pics online, including me in a… Well, you’ll just have to go see for yourself!

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Oh, and lookie here, I made the new TOC (which stands for Table Of Contents):

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Date Line… April 2, 2017

Web exclusive! Learn about the changes and maintenance nightmares between seasons in A new season and a ‘new’ airplane. This story never made it to print, so you gotta read in on a electronic device right here.

Date Line… March 20, 2017

A new season of SARL air racing, and Air Racing From the Cockpit is back for a second year! The first installment, Get Ready to Rumble, is now online here, and in the April 6th print edition!

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Date Line… January 12, 2017

The final installment, Part 20, of the first season of Air Racing From the Cockpit is now on the streets and at an airport near you! First season, you ask? Yep! I’m happy to report that I’ll be racing next year and the GA News will carry a “dispatch” in every issue starting with the March 23 issue and running all the way through the end of the year! After all, you just can’t get enough air racing. So join me next year for my sure-to-be-epic rematch with Team Ely of Race 55. Oh, yeah, the wrap-up story is also online here!

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Date Line… December 22, 2016

Now we’re up to Part 19 of Air Racing From the Cockpit: Looking back on the race season. Also online here.

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Date Line… December 8, 2016

OMG! I’m on the cover of the Rollin’ Stone:

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Yep, Part 18 of Air Racing from the Cockpit: A new national champion is flying to an airport near you! Be sure to check out Lisa F. Bentson’s awesome in-cockpit image of Race 53 rounding a virtual pylon at 75 degrees of bank! Also online here.

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Date Line… November 17, 2016

Part 17 of Air Racing from the Cockpit: Back in the Saddle Again is now at an airport near you! Of course, if you prefer to read online the story can be found on your favorite digital device here.

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Date Line… November 3, 2016

Due to how close two of the races were, the online stories Omens and An ill-timed breakdown were combined in print. So for bonus content, you’ll have to go online and read the original full-length stories! These make up Parts 15 and 16 of Air Racing from the Cockpit!

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Date Line… October 20, 2016

Mountain adventures and weather woes are featured in Part 14 of Air Racing From the Cockpit: A Chain of Bad Decisions. Also online here.

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Date Line… October 6, 2016

It’s not really part of my Air Racing From the Cockpit series, but it is Air Racing. My coverage of the National Championship Air Races at Reno is out. Check out the awesome layout of my “side bar” about being out on the pylons on the fourth page!

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Date Line… September 22, 2016

Part 13 of Air Racing From the Cockpit, The Best Worst Time Ever, is out, spread across four full pages! Or, you can still check out the online version as well. In this episode I’m hight above the Arizona desert, and I have company.

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Date Line… August 25, 2016

Part 12 of Air Racing From the Cockpit, Expect the Unexpected, is in print! And as always, there’s an online version as well. This time I’m telling the story of successful speed mods, a community event, and what we threw out of the airplane.

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Date Line… August 11, 2016

Part 11 of Air Racing From the Cockpit, Family Jewels is now on the streets! Of course, it’s also online as well. It’s the story of two families and a famous air race.

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Date Line… July 28, 2016

Air Racing From the Cockpit Parts 9 and 10, A long flight to a short race, is in print, eating up four full pages. But that’s the Cliff Notes version. It’s such an epic tale there wasn’t room for the pair of stories in print, so if you want all the details, be sure to read the web versions. Part 1 is here, and follow this link to get part 2.

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Date Line… July 7, 2016

Air Racing From the Cockpit, Part 8, The champs and the challenger, is in print, and wonderfully spread across three full pages again. This time I’m telling the story of the Big competition, and my competitors…

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Date Line… June 16, 2016

A hard day’s work continues my Air Racing saga in the pages of General Aviation News. This is Part 7!

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Date Line… June 2, 2016

An ethical dilemma, Part 6 of Air Racing From the Cockpit, continues the tale:

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Date Line… April 19, 2016

An unexpected pair of victories, Part 5 of Air Racing From the Cockpit, is in today’s issue:

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Date Line… May 5, 2016

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Speed Kings, Part 4 of Air Racing From the Cockpit, is in print! Check out the sweet double spread:

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Date Line… April 21, 2016

Start your engines, Part 3 of Air Racing From the Cockpit, is now at an airport near you:

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Date Line… April 7, 2016

Planning to win, Part 2 of Air Racing From the Cockpit, is out:

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Date Line… March 24, 2016

Today’s issue kicks off my multi-part series on air racing from the inside! Check it out Part 1 of Air Racing From The Cockpit

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