Birds of a feather

Jean, owner of the Plane Tales Plane–although still learning to fly–is no stranger to flying things, she’s spent a lifetime as a “birder.” Today she shares her thoughts on things that fly and the love of flight….


One of my favorite bird pics, by Andrew Jagniecki

At rest stops and city parks all over the United States, a whole family of black birds congregates: Crows, ravens, starlings, cowbirds, grackles, blackbirds, vultures.

After a bit of practice, it isn’t hard to tell them apart, except for the crows and ravens, which are much of a size and tend to sit on tops of fence posts glaring at the passers-by.

Once in the air, however, there’s no way you can confuse them. The crow is all business; he knows where he’s going and flap, flap, flap, he goes straight there. As the crow flies. The raven, on the other hand, flies for the pure joy of flying. He dives and swoops and we can almost think we hear him shouting Wow! This is great!!

Unless I have some really lucrative assignment, I’ll have to admit I’m a raven, not a crow.

Which are you?


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