The Plane Tales Flight Crew

William, Chief Pilot


Journalist. Commercial pilot. Ground instructor. Degree in Aviation Technology. Passions include aviation history, “lost” airports, aero archeology, writing for fun and profit, photography, aviation art, reading, and fine wine. OK, I confess: I define fine wine as any dry red with a pretty label that costs less than ten bucks a bottle.

Rio, Co-Pilot

rio 2

Son of William and Debs. Bio: Age 13. Student pilot. Kind-hearted. Loves to cook, and is damn good at it. In charge of radio frequencies on all missions, as well as reminding his father to turn on the master switch when the plane won’t start (in my defense, when we first bought the plane the master was behind the co-pilot in the luggage compartment.) Hates school, loves learning–I think that’s better than the other way around. Friends and family are blown away by his graduate-degree vocabulary.

Debs, Navigator


OK, OK, you got me. That’s not really Debbie. That’s Harriet Quimby, the nation’s first licensed female pilot. Sadly, while the real Debbie is every bit as attractive, maybe more so, she’s painfully camera shy, so this dark-haired, dark-eyed beauty will have to fill in for the real woman! Bio: Wife of William for 25+ years and mother of Rio. Good with a camera, reads cook books for fun, has a great sense of humor, and is unmatched when in comes to high-speed driving. I gotta teach this woman to fly, the speeding tickets are killing me. She’s the one who dreamed up the name “Plane Tales” for our site.

Jean, Aircraft Owner


Mother to William, and the world’s best mom. And it’s not just me and my sisters who think so, my friends and co-workers keep offering to trade mothers with me. No way! My mom’s a keeper! Bio: Journalist, author, poet, quilter, avid birder, chocoholic. Inquisitive, up-to-date, adventurous. More active and in better shape at 89 than most people are at 40.

Micky, Flight Attendent

PT mick

Mother to Debbie, “Nana” to Rio. Bio: Neat-nick, hangar duster and sweeper. Loves family (including the cats… well, maybe especially the cats), adventure, late-night TV, and long walks. Winner of the Least-Interfeering Mother-in-Law Award for 25 years in a row.                Gone West 01-17-15. Rest in Peace, Mick, the long flight is finally over.

Professor Lisa, Honorary Flight Crew Member

lisa 2

Field biologist, adjunct professor, scientist for hire, kite collector, black-belt, and artist. Recent first-time small plane flyer (and unofficial President of the Plane Tales Plane Fan Club).

One thought on “The Plane Tales Flight Crew

  1. Great crew. To bad Debbie is so camera shy. Based on her mothers appearance, she must be gorgeous. Sure enjoy reading about your adventures. Keep up the good works.
    N99825 ’46 Ercoupe 415C

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