The Plane Tales Hangar


Oh. Wait. It wasn’t on TV at all. But our hangar was selected to be a featured hangar in Pilot Caves, the popular column the the EAA’s flagship magazine Sport Aviation.

That’s coming out in a month or two. I’ll give ya a link when it does.


Meantime, know that this is not your average hangar. It’s part hangar, part person-cave (we got more females than males in this family), part art gallery, and part Ercoupe museum.


We’ve arranged over 200 magazine clippings, historic postcards, period snapshots, calendar pages, and more into creative arrangements inside 46 large-scale frames of varying sizes. The collection includes manufacturer’s ads, as well as ads featuring Ecroupes from other aviation giants like Continental, Sensenich, Delco-Remy, Alcoa, Lear, RCA, Phillips 66, Good Year, and—somewhat bizarrely—U.S. Naugahyde. We even have an old ad from Macy’s Department Stores, which sold Ercoupes at one point. We included numerous articles and flight reviews from the aviation press over the last seven decades, and eight magazine covers ranging from the 1940s to the 1980s with Ercoupes serving as the “cover girl.” Our Ercoupe gallery also includes fine-art Ercoupe pieces such as period lithographs by aviation fine-art master Charles Hubbell and commercial artist T.A.M, as well as modern original Ercoupe art by Linda Brelje, Cynthia Brown, Andrés Buljevic, and William Helvey.


And just for the fun of it, we included collectables such as a vintage plastic Lindberg Line Ercoupe model kit and an original Erco tire (the company initially made their own engines and tires, rather than purchasing either from other manufacturers). Rounding out our collection are reproductions of Erco blueprints, pictures of the Erco assembly line in the 1940s, and our pièce de résistance—historic photos of our actual ‘Coupe taken shortly after she was built.


And, never ones to rest on our laurels, the collection is still growing!

2 thoughts on “The Plane Tales Hangar

  1. What a great hangar!!! Ours is slowly moving in the same direction. We now have my wife’s first solo t shirt hanging up (that solo was a long time ago), and it was made by our younger daughter. There is also an Ercoupe metal sign with an Ercoupe painted after ours, some Adirondack chairs, tables, shelves, oil, etc. We love it, and we enjoy having other pilots visit us. Our airport (6J0) is very friendly and the pilots are very supportive of each other.

    Keep up the great work.


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